The company products are manufactured in 50-1000 gsm as per various requirements.

The company offers widths of up to 5.4 Metres as required for varios fabrics.

The company offers fringe/tuckin and fused selvedge.


( a) Industech – Fabrics used in Industries.
  • Conveyor Belt Fabrics.
  • Filter Fabric and Bags.
  • Battery Separator.
  • Impression Fabric.
  • Jacketing fabric.
  • Float Fabric.
  • Scrim Fabric.
( b) Build Tech- Fabrics used  for shelter for building applications
  • Tarpaulins. Fabrics for awnings, canopies and Tents.
  • Fabrics for floor coverings and carpet backing.
( c) Agrotech- Fabrics used for agricultural segment.
  • Fabrics for Horse / Sheep Rugs
( d) Sportstech – Fabrics used in sports articles.
  • Football cloth.
  • Sail Fabrics.
  • Boat covers fabrics.
( e) Mobiltech – Fabrics that are used in automobile industry.
  • Chafer.
  • Polyester Tyre cord.
  • Batter Separator.
( f) Cloth tech- Fabrics that are used for clothing or covering applications.
  • Fabric for Shoe-Upper.
(g) Packtech- Fabrics that are used for various packing requirements.
  • Fabrics for bags/soft luggage
( h) Geotextiles – Fabrics that are used in geo applications
  • Woven Geo-Textiles
( I) Agrinet – Fabrics that are used in agriculture
  • Insect-net fabric

100% Cotton Canvas and Poly-Cotton Canvas

Fabric which are also known as Belt Ducks, Number Ducks, Shelter Tent Ducks, Enameling Ducks, Single Filled Ducks and Canvas bags,  in greige (un-processed ) and processed form.


Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins stitched to size and specifications.


Product range also includes insect net fabrics that are manufactured from HDPE monofilament yarns having UV stability for durability and good life. All of the fabrics are available in various mesh sizes and widths suitable for different climate and customer needs.

Woven Geo Textiles

Our product range in PP Multifilament yarns if from 150 to 400gsm ( 40KN to 100KN) and in polyester yarns from 250gsm to 800gsm ( 50KN to 400 KN ) . We also develop new products as per customers /site requirements.Our products are UV stabilized for durability and good life in rough conditions.

We have our own stitching set up with heavy duty industrial stitching m/c’s . Formed structures made from our Geotextiles like GeoBags, Tubes and containers can be fabricated and supplied.

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