Duck Fabrics

Traditionally known as Cotton Duck, Duck Cloth or Duck Canvas, Duck fabric is a heavy plain woven fabric made from cotton. Firm and compact, they are s medium to heavy-weight with a plain weave and one of the most durable fabrics, which is lighter than canvas and heavier than sail cloth.


  • Designed for clothing that requires extremely durable and wearable fabric.
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance.
  • Are tightly woven, waterproof & wind & snag resistant.
  • Provides extreme toughness without sacrificing long-lasting comfort.
  • Proven performance in the toughest environments.


  • Used for utility clothing like trousers, jackets, aprons, etc (ideal for summer clothing).
  • Used as awnings, tents, and sails.
  • Used in making hats, men's and women's slack and children's play-cloths.
  • Used as rugged jackets for hiking and hunting and work wear.
  • Used as fashion rain capes, cycling jackets and boating apparel.
  • Used as industrial garments.

Sravya Fabrics offers a broad variety of duck fabrics ranging from 7oz to 18oz in weight which make the fabric suitable for a wide range of applications. While the lighter variety is used for light clothes, work clothes and cloth bags, the heavier, thicker fabric is used for sandbags, hammocks and cots.

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