The textile business is a truly dynamic and competitive business that is constantly evolving, anticipating and providing for the ever-changing needs of discerning consumers.

As demand for our products grow, we look to expand our business operations and enter newer areas in order to reach out to more people. In order to meet our objectives and goals, we constantly require smart, bright and work-oriented people who are skilled, enterprising and passionate to contribute to the growth and progress of the company.

For us, our people are our passion and we're proud to have a fine team of loyal and dedicated employees who work with passion and help us realize our goals. Working with them, you get to work in a energizing environment and with people from whom you can observe and learn newer skills that will enhance your career profile. Further, you also get exceptional opportunities to showcase your skills and acquit yourself with excellence in a dynamic business environment.

The salary package for the selected individuals will be on a par with the best of industry standards. If this sounds fine and you're having the skills and expertise we look for, then rush in your resume to

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