About Us

Established in the year 2000, Sravya Textiles Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Technical Textiles that caters to the requirements of customers across different industries. It also weaves Cotton Canvas and Duck Fabrics. Led by an astute management, the company has successfully evolved into a multi-fabric manufacturing company producing fabrics  of varied categories, using the latest production techniques and technologies.

The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that is one of the very best in India. High quality raw materials procured from reliable suppliers coupled with the latest technology makes the unit one of the best producers of quality technical textiles, high performance fabrics and cotton canvas fabric.

The product range includes :

  • 100% Cotton Canvas and Poly-Cotton Canvas, which are also known as Belt Ducks, Number Ducks, Shelter Tent Ducks, Enameling Ducks, Single Filled Ducks and Canvas bags,  in greige and processed form,
  • Tarpaulins
  • Technical Textiles / High Performance Fabrics made from Cotton, Polyester,  Poly-propylene , Polyester-Cotton, Nylon,HDPE, Acrylic, Carbon or other kinds of yarns (The gsm of fabrics is 100-1000 grams).
  • Product range also includes insect net fabrics that are manufactured from HDPE monofilament yarns having UV stability for durability and good life. All of the fabrics are available in various mesh sizes and widths suitable for different climate and customer needs.
  • Woven Geo Textiles

To ensure the best product quality, the company’s manufacturing unit is equipped with sophisticated machinery including state-of-the-art weaving machinery (DORNIER & SULZER makes) suitable for manufacturing of very heavy products. The manufacturing plant is also equipped with an Air-Washer plant and an in-house laboratory to test all parameters of yarn and fabric.

High Points

  • All varities of our products are tested inhouse and also at external laboratory like BTM(BOMBAY TEXTILE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION).
  • Can develop new products as per customer/site requirements.
  • Products are UV stabilized for durability and good life in rough conditions.
  • Have own stitching set-up with heavy duty Industrial stitching m/cs. Formed structures made from our Geotextiles like Geo bags, Tubes and Containers can be fabricated and supplied.
  • The fabrics can be woven from 50gsm to 1000gsm
  • The widths can be made up to 5.4 Metres.
  • The lengths can be made up to 1 M.T single roll.

With strong focus on high-class quality, constant innovation and customer-friendly service, the company looks ahead with optimism to maintain its status as a  leading player of respectable stature in its domain areas while ensuring the highest quality standards of its products.


To be a market leader known for its entrepreneurial value-embracing approach and a service of excellence that exceeds the needs and expectation of our customers.


To stay committed to the highest standards of business and ethical behavior while excelling in product quality, and service to our customers.

The company is open  to make exclusive arrangement or tie up for an long term commitment to produce any specialty fabrics, conversions, value additions as per requirement of customers.

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